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Positioning Yourself for Growth
Leveraging Your 24 Hours
Using Your Learning Style to Your Advantage
Exam Preparation Techniques
Balancing Your Social Life and Academics
Refocusing for Maximum Productivity
Developing Habits for Success
Mapping your Career Path
Winning the Fight with Procrastination
Staying Focused During the Holidays
Academic Coaching Club
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Hi There!

I am Tashika Yateman-Gardener; mother, teacher, author, educational blogger, educational consultant and entrepreneur. As a senior educator in the Ministry of Education, I have assisted numerous students in fulfilling their academic potential.

Many of my students have been on the CXC merit list locally and regionally while gaining recognition in other aspects of their academic life. I have coached 2 Spelling Bee Parish Champions, 1 National Reading Competition Champion and 4 Parish Champions. I have a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training, Advanced Certificate of Competency in Workforce Training and Development and my Bachelor’s Degree in Geography.

I am a growth-centered, goal oriented and enthusiastic educator with the knowledge and skillset needed to lead, teach and guide students of all ages on a successful and fulfilling academic journey.

Looking forward to working with you.

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