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The goal of an Academic Consultation is not to tell students what to do…
It is to empower them on their path and provide all the necessary resources for them to succeed. 
the Options

Consultation Guide

Academic Coaching

Choose this option if the student wants:

- To develop habits of academic success
- Improve grades on the school report card
- Reduce procrastination and improve time management
- A Personalized Learning Plan to ensure they stay on track
- Unlimited Academic Advice about Positioning Yourself for Excellence
- Private tutoring sessions to help with weak subjects
- To Leverage your learning style to Achieve Academic Success

Study Abroad

Choose this option if the student wants:

- To study in USA, Canada or UK
- List of Colleges that accept CSEC and CAPE
- List of Colleges that Offer Scholarships to Caribbean Students
- College Essay Assistance
- Scholarship or Financial Aid Assistance
- Questions about studying abroad to be answered

career Counselling

Choose this option if the student:

- is not sure what career they want to pursue
- needs guidance to select subjects for CSEC
- already selected subjects but not sure what career they can pursue
- not sure what to do with their life
- needs a Career Selection Blueprint

Exclusive Academic WhatsApp Group

Choose this option if the student wants:

- to join a group of students who are aiming for Academic Success
- daily group academic advice and guidance
- strategies and tips for school, exams and life skills
- to position yourself for Academic Success

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