Study Skills 101: Tips and Strategies for Effective Learning

The key t0 becoming an academic weapon this school year is using the right study techniques. Lucky for you, there are many effective strategies that can help you succeed in school. Here are 6 study strategies with many tips to help you out!     Spaced Practice This learning strategy involves the planning ahead of […]

How to deal with student Burnout

Burnout is what happens when you’ve been studying non-stop for weeks with ongoing stress, impossible deadlines and no time to relax. Sounds familiar? We all experience burnout eventually, having to balance projects, exams, social life, extracurricular activities and internships, but it’s how you deal with it that can make or break you. Knowing the signs […]

Which Study Technique is Right for you?

Let’s be honest, trying to cram all that information in the textbook a week before your exam is not working out. Your study habits are simply not cutting it and it’s time to reevaluate your study methods. It is important that try to figure out what study technique works best for you. We have rounded […]