Course Content
Positioning Yourself for Growth
Leveraging Your 24 Hours
Using Your Learning Style to Your Advantage
Exam Preparation Techniques
Balancing Your Social Life and Academics
Refocusing for Maximum Productivity
Developing Habits for Success
Mapping your Career Path
Winning the Fight with Procrastination
Staying Focused During the Holidays
Academic Coaching Club
About Lesson

Welcome to Natken Academic Coaching Club (NACC) where you will be positioned for academic and professional success. We are thrilled that you have chosen and entrusted us to be your Academic coach and we look forward to working with you.

We will be assessing each member and developing a plan tailored to your personal needs.

We will be working together over the course of 10 months where we will address general and specific problem areas, provide unlimited academic advice, and establish and accomplish goals of each club member.

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